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Marielle from mic


We Love this Store, They have every baby need for kids..

Tiffany from Mi


A mother of two boys and one girl I love shopping here because my little ones grow so fast! Every mother I know shops at once upon a child an they just love going also its great on the pockets and their daddy loves the fact we save so much! We're starting our kids school shopping here!

Courtney from Tennessee


We love Once Upon A Child! We buy and sell from there all the time. Its nice to be able to find decent clothes for decent prices that's hard to find nowadays! Thank you for all you guys do to help out others. We appreciate it so much!!!

justine from ca


I am a mom on a budget and ALWAYS shop at once upon a child when im looking for something.i was on a mission looking for something specific all retail stores were out and i found it in stock brand new! amazing store!

Mathew from Tennessee


Ok so the Once Upon a Child came to our city this year. We had never shopped or heard of the store until this point. On my first visit I toted our two young children and my pregnant wife through the store just to see what it was all about. We were so impressed by the staff and the selection. we pretty much only shop at Once upon a child for cloths and baby gear now. Now we have a new born so the experience is that much more fun!! Our greatest find was a michael Jordan warm up suit for my 6 year old. Pictured are our oldest two in dress cloths that we got at Once Upon a Child. Look how good they look!! :)

Lacey from MI

We went into the Saginaw location and it was amazing!! Lots of choices to choose from for my daughter and good prices. For being a gently used store the clothes looked brand new and some even had tags still on them!!!

Amber from OH

I am a first time mom and my husband and I just bought a house a few months before we had our son so we were tight on money. I saw Once Upon A Child while driving around and went in. I have saved so much money and have bought such great quality products for my son. I always go there first before I try other places for clothes and some bigger baby items like his swing. Thanks!

Caitlin from FL

We tried to have a yard sale but there were no customers and we needed the money. We waited for almost three hours! We thought there was no hope, that is until we found Once Upon A Child. We knew we could make a lot of money from this place. So thank you, you have been a big help.

Ashley from Louisiana

Never again will a pricey department store get my money! Thank You Once Upon a Child! I bought 8 whole outfits for 35 bucks! You can't beat that!

Katrina from Ohio

My daughter needed new ballet leotards this fall because she had outgrown the ones from last spring. She really loved a blue one she had and told me she hoped she could get another one just like it. Because the retail store we had purchased it at always gets new designs each fall, I figured it was unlikely. However, I always shop Once Upon A Child before paying full price somewhere else, so we stopped there first. I couldn't believe it, but Once Upon A Child had *two* of the exact leotard in my daughter's current size. One of them still had the manufacturer's tags on it! We bought this brand new ballet outfit that my daughter wanted at less than half the price of what we paid for her old one!

baby girl Alvarez from corpus christi Tx.

baby girl Alvarez

my baby is in the hospital ,since she was born.we were looking for some dresses.that she can only just there because with all te lines that she needs to have .only in once upon a child i found all what i need for my baby.thank you

Natalie from Gastonia, NC

I absolutely love this store! Their prices are awesome & the customer service is excellent! It is a very friendly environment! Their holiday selections are always great!

Kim from Missouri


I have been shopping at Once Upon a Child for 9 years now and have always loved the options. Since my daughter was born she has had a amazing wardrobe that people are amazed by and always asking how I can afford it....they are even more amazed when I tell them it's because of OnceUpon A Child.

Katrina M. from CT

Katrina M.

We picked up some special clothes to wear for Evie's photoshoot!

Kaity from New York


This is my daughter Colbie. I am a stay at home mom on a budget so I love to shop at Once Upon A Child. I found this Gymboree shirt with the original tags still on it!

Monica from TX


Love this store! My baby boy is only a month old and already is wearing 3 month clothing! So when I found out about this store I had to start shopping here because of how fast my baby is growing!

Clarissa McMickens-Thomas from Marietta, GA

Clarissa McMickens-Thomas

Every since my granddaughter was born on September 18, 2014, I have only shopped at Once Upon A Child. This entire outfit from head to toe is from this awesome store. I love the 50% off and 70% off sales. The grab bag sale was intense but I loved every minute of it. I am the biggest fan of Once Upon A Child. The value and the quality of the clothing are the reason I shop at this store.

Jamie from Virginia

I have twins, so we love Once Upon A Child. I have found, toys,toys and more toys. It is great. Learning toys and Little Tikes. I do not pay full price for items x 2 so Once Upon A Child is WONDERFUL!!!!!

Sharon from KY

I have saved tons of money while shopping at Once Upon A Child. I love the dollar sales. I could not be happier with this store.

Jennifer from Iowa


We found awesome goodies at our last visit!

Rachelle from Ca


I love this store I don't have a ton of money to be paying full price for name brand clothes so I go here and there stuff is like new and cheap and in style there store is so clean and organized

Taja from Texas

My little cabbage patch isn't so little, so she grows out of her clothes really fast. With Once Upon A Child I'm able to keep my cutie pie fashionably cute at a above reasonable price 😊

Corinne from florida


I brought in my gently used maternity clothes, and with the money i received i was able to by my baby girl a very adorable outfit.

Rose M. from Vancouver.Washington

Once Upon a Child is the greatest! I found their store by mistake and I'm glad I did. At first I brought in some of my grandchildren's slightly worn clothes they had outgrown. The people were very fair and friendly.As I waited. I began to look around. WOW! They had great items.Now this where I always shop! Great prices-Great clothing...Very Nice People!