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Fall Craft Ideas

October 15, 2018

Hello again!  I’m Chelsee the guest blogger on the Once Upon a Child. Make sure to check out my post from last month on easy school lunches here as well as my blog over at The House of Hood Blog where I write about all things motherhood, travel, fashion, home decor, and how to throw the best parties all while keeping your little ones front of mind. Today, I am going to be talking about easy fall craft ideas you can do with your little ones. 

McKinlee and Madi LOVE craft time.  Our kitchen dedicates an entire cupboard to our crafting supplies.  We have everything you can imagine on hand at all times.  Pipe cleaners, construction paper, googly eyes, paint, etc.  I love making festive crafts with the girls.  We've been having beautiful weather lately, so I made sure to include a craft that gets us outside.  We went leaf collecting to make the leaf wreath below.  The girls had such a great time.  It's so funny how the simplest things are always the best.  Here are five of the easiest fall craft ideas even your toddlers can help make! 

One - Ghost Foot Prints 

I love making foot print art with the girls.  It's fun seeing their prints grow each year!  For this craft, you'll just need construction paper, white paint, glue, scissors, a sharpie, googly eyes, and a paint brush (I like the foam ones for this).  Make sure to have your paper ready to go, paint your little ones' foot, and press it on the paper.  Once dry, glue on eyes and sharpie on the mouth.  I write the girls name and year below them as well.  That's it!  

Two - Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin 

We love making crafts out of toilet paper rolls!  Last year we did spiders with a toilet paper roll and pipe cleaners that turned out super cute.  For this one, you just need some green, orange and brown construction paper, orange paint, scissors, a foam paint brush, glue, and googly eyes.  Paint the roll orange (this one took two coats).  Then, cut out a mouth and nose from the black paper, cut out a stem and leaf from the brown and green construction paper then glue them on.  Lastly, you'll glue your googly eyes on.  You can also use black construction paper for the eyes, but I kind of love the googly ones.  You can make a ton more Halloween friends with toilet paper rolls like Dracula, Frankenstein, mummies, ghosts, etc.  So easy and the girls loved painting them.  

Three - Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

For this cute little lady, you'll need popsicle sticks, a sharpie, orange paint, glue, raffia or twine, orange construction paper, googly eyes, and a faux flower.  Glue the popsicle sticks together.  You'll want to glue two other sticks on the back to hold them together.  Paint the top half of the sticks orange (at an angle) and one stick orange.  You'll glue this on at an angle for the hat.  Next, glue the eyes on, cut out a nose out of the orange construction paper and glue it on, then draw on the mouth with a sharpie.  Then cut out twine or raffia and glue it on the back.  Finally, glue a faux flower on the hat.  

Four - Paper Plate Bat 

This one is super simple and fun for little ones to paint.  You'll need a paper plate, black construction paper, scissors, glue, black paint, a foam paint brush and googly eyes.  Cut out bat wings and legs and glue them on the plate.  McKinlee made the legs into accordions.  Once dry, they painted the plate black.  Then we glued the eyes on.  That's it!  You can also make a pumpkin, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.  

Five - Leaf Wreath 

This one was by far our favorite to make!  To make your wreath, you'll need a paper plate with with middle cut out, leaves and glue.  We went out around our neighborhood and the girls collected the prettiest leaves.  It was such a fun afternoon and they loved collecting all the different colors and shapes.  You'll then glue them on the wreath.  So simple! 

Thank you so much for reading!  Make sure to check us out over at our blog for more fun!  

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