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Are you a new Mom? Know a new Mom? Then check out these helpful tips!

February 7, 2017

We have all heard the saying “kids don’t come with instructions”, and that couldn’t be more true. Being a new Mom is a time of pure joy, happiness, and let’s be honest…intimidation and apprehension. It is something remarkable to be a new Mom and we at Once Upon A Child want to help make it as special and seamless as possible with these 6 tips for new Moms!

No Need to Tiptoe

When baby is in the womb, it is loud. We carry on with our daily lives full of the noise and hustle of everyday life, but we feel the need to walk on eggshells when our new little one is sleeping. This is not necessary (all the time). Babies will sleep through the noise, and get accustomed to it more and more, giving you time to get things done around the house or relax with the TV on.

Be Prepared

Babies will start to develop a schedule around 3-4 weeks. This predictability gives you a chance to focus on yourself as well as your child. After meals for you and baby, start preparing for the next meal when you have everything out. This makes each feeding more available and easy. You can take advantage of the time between feedings to nap or get some other work done.

Give Time for Dad

Make sure baby is well rested and fed, and give Dad and baby time to bond. The different touch and sound of his voice will kick start this process, and get the baby used to being with someone else. Fight the urge to help Dad when the baby is upset. This is a good way for the baby to seek other comfort, and your partner to help the baby. Be sure to stay out of sight, and use the time to catch up on yourself. This will be important when it comes time for a sitter or day care.

Keep the Crip Comfortable

It’s easy to want to cuddle with our new baby all the time, but making sure they are comfy in their crib is important. Warming blankets in a dryer before sleep time is a great way to give baby that body warmth while in the crib. You can also warm them using a heating pad. Your child will sleep soundly with this little tip to simulate your warmth.

Warm Up Bath Time!

After around week 3 the umbilical cord stump will fall off. This is when you can finally give your child a real bath. Putting a warm washcloth over their belly will make a difference in these first experiences with bath time. Also, turning the heat up beforehand helps to reduce a cold shock when you take baby out of the bath. These simple tips can make all the difference for future baths and a happy tub time.

Layer Baby’s Crib

Accidents are inevitable for babies in their crib, and you and your partner won’t always have the time (or the energy) to change sheets and clean everything to get your baby back to sleep. Keep layers of sheets in the crib so you can easily remove the messy ones and get your child back to sleep (think: two layers of mattress pads and sheets, so you have a clean set already underneath the messy set).

We hope that your new bundle of joy fills you with happy days, and that these tips help make every second together all that it can be! Don’t forget to stop by your local Once Upon A Child store for all of your baby clothes, toys, and accessory needs. All of our items are new or gently used, and will help you save time and money with your new miracle. (P.S. We also buy your gently used baby items, so bring in your extra or outgrown items, today!)

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