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Spread the kindness with these 16 random acts!

February 7, 2017

Although February is widely known for days like Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, it contains one special date we should all take note of: National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th. We thought this would be a great day to start new traditions with our children to spontaneously spread joy to others. Of course, there are unlimited ways to do this, but here are 16 ideas to get you started that you can use to spread the kindness with your child!


  1. Holding doors open for people is always a nice gesture
  2. Return someone’s cart at the store who might be in a rush
  3. Switch roles and give candy to your bank teller
  4. Ask your grandparents about their childhood – they will be sure to love that
  5. Be kind to our planet and pick up litter
  6. Letting someone go ahead of you in a line is always helpful
  7. Let a friend or family member know why they mean so much to you
  8. Talk to someone different or make a new friend at school or work
  9. Help you child bring flowers to their teacher or sitter
  10. Say “Hi” to everyone you see that day, and ask them how their day is going
  11. Invite someone to come over to play
  12. Have your child tell their principal how wonderful their teacher is
  13. Have your child go grocery shopping with you and help you make dinner
  14. Show your child, with praise, how nice it is when they help clean up (especially if not asked to do so!)
  15. Spend time making homemade gifts for friends and family
  16. SMILE AT EVERYONE – nothing is more contagious than a smile


Take time on February 17th to spread kindness to not only the people in your life, but also people you don’t know. You never know what that random act of kindness will mean to someone. For more ideas, or to share your own, stay connected with others by using the #RandomActsOfKindnessDay hashtag. This is also a great lesson to teach our children about the power of kindness and how much their words and actions can make a difference not only for others, but their own lives as well!

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