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3 ways to get your kids to go green

April 8, 2015

As the seasons start to change, your kids will be eager to throw on their favorite used kids clothing and play outside. Help them appreciate their environment by introducing a few fun ways they can help your family go green!

Elect Captain Energy!
If you have multiple kids in your home, try electing one of them to be Captain Energy, and they can monitor your family's use of light and water. Let your child turn the water off when you brush your teeth and keep track of how many lights are being used in your home. Make it a policy to turn the lights off when you leave a room, and make sure Captain Energy enforces that.

Recycling game
Emphasize the importance of recycling with a fun sorting game. Your kids will learn about sizes, shapes and materials as they select the right container for each recyclable item. This activity can teach them responsibility and math skills!

Raise a family plant
Your kids will see the importance of taking care of the environment when you plant something as a family. Whether it's a tree in your yard or a potted plant for your home, let your little ones be in charge of watering it and monitoring its growth. This can teach them to value and be responsible for living things.

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