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Nursery, Toddler & Playroom Decor

May 15, 2019

Today, we’re talking about nursery, toddler room and playroom decor! My name is Chelsee Hood, and I guest blog for Once Upon A Child! You can find us on our blog at The House of Hood Blog. One of my all-time favorite things to do is decorate our girls’ rooms. Their two rooms have changed quite a bit, but their recent setup has stuck around for at least a year now!

Nursery Decor

Since I have two daughters, most of my decorating experience is quite girly. For nursery decor, I love muted colors and nothing too "matchy-matchy.” I’m fine if the dresser, crib, end tables, etc. don’t match. I also love mixing in some vintage pieces. We put floral decals in Madison's nursery and it was so simple and really changed up the blank wall. I purchased chandeliers for both girls’ rooms and they've stayed in them since they were babies. Chandeliers are classic pieces that will grow with the girls.

We have used our glider a ton! This is a piece I would splurge on when designing a nursery. You don't even want to know how many hours you'll spend in this chair! Madison is almost 3, and I still read to her before bedtime every night in this chair. You'll want something extra comfy.

Toddler Room

I wanted the girls’ rooms to speak to their personalities! McKinlee's room has always been pink and mint, starting off with pink and mint stripes and now a floral wallpaper. Stick-on wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to update a room. I have wallpapered several rooms in our home, and it makes such a huge difference! We have vintage pieces in the toddler rooms, including vintage Storybook dolls from the 40s, my old toddler bed from when I was little, and several trinkets from my childhood.

We decided to put bunk beds in McKinlee's room, and it was a great decision! She loves sleeping on the top bunk! As you can tell from the photos, we love wall art including faux taxidermy. It adds a fun whimsical touch to any children's room. I like to keep things functional in their rooms, including bookshelves that they can reach, tiered trays to store their bows, and baskets to store toys. We don't keep a ton of toys in their rooms, so they each get a larger basket for stuffed animals. Luckily, we have a playroom where most of their toys live!

Playroom Decor

Our playroom isn't anything super innovative, but we have kept it pretty much the same for the last 3 years. We live by our storage bins in the playroom. I try my best to keep it organized, but sometimes you need to shove everything in the bins! We did get chalk name tags for our bins, which has helped keep them somewhat organized. When setting up your playroom, make sure to have lots of bins and baskets! We recently painted vertical pink and white stripes in this room and took away the rug. It gives it a much less cluttered look.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to decorate your kids’ rooms! Thank you so much for reading. Make sure to say hi over on our blog and Instagram!

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