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Transitioning your baby's room into big kid's room

September 10, 2015

Eventually your little one is going to grow out of her used baby gear and is going to need big-kid clothes and a big girl's room. To make this transition easy on both of you, use the tips below to guide you.

Make a plan
Ask your growing girl about her interests or favorite colors so you can customize your design to fit what she likes as well as what you need to keep her organized. Your storage needs may have changed just like her hobbies, so keeping track of what you'll need to store is a good way to start.

Divide the space
Your baby's nursery may have been designed with exploration in mind, so you may have set it up as a large open space. To make it more "big-girl friendly" designate different areas to break up the room for your little one. Try a space for reading, an area for playing with dolls or puzzles, and a dressing room near all her clothes.

Items to grow with
Include items in your big kid's new space that can grow with them, but are still fun for children. A simple, monochromatic comforter can stay in your little one's room for years to come, but personalize it with funky pillows with her name or bright graphics. You can quickly and easily swap out pillows if her tastes change.

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