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Let your little chef help in the kitchen

September 15, 2015

Cooking with your kids can teach them responsibility, develop their confidence and be a great opportunity to bond. Your kitchen is a place to learn and explore, so get them into their used kids clothing and get ready to cook up some fun!

Introduce healthy alternatives
Kids who are involved in planning and preparing meals are more likely to try new things. Make some healthy snacks that can replace higher-calorie treats they might munch on between meals. Try some "sushi" rolls from peanut butter, jelly and tortillas, or kabobs made of cheese cubes and fruit. Snack time is a great time to encourage your kids to reach for something healthy.

Safety first
You can design your kitchen so your little chef will be safe while they help out. Designate a few lower drawers to keep all their essentials within reach and prevent them from climbing on the counters to the higher kitchen cupboards. You can find bright and colorful utensils that fit their smaller hands so your kids can take an active role in meal preparation.

Cook and teach
Cooking involves science, reading and math, so turn your kitchen into a classroom while you and your child cook together! Learn about what makes a cake rise or how to calculate measurements for your favorite foods.

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