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Repeatedly reading the same story to toddlers may help learning

Many parents choose to read to their young children in an effort to help them learn, and a new study suggests that relying on a small library of books may have the most benefits. Researchers from the University of Sussex found that repeatedly reading the same stories might be the best way for youngsters to learn new words, The Independent reports. 

The study focused on how quickly it took a group of 3 year olds to learn six new words. To measure this, researchers had one group of study subjects listen to someone read the same book back-to-back three times, while the other group listened to three different titles. A week later, the team noticed that the children who were read the same book three times had picked up an average of 3.6 words, while the others only learned 2.6 words. 

"We are showing that less is more, to a point. Obviously, the more times you read to a child and the more books you have will help them, but you don't need to go crazy and buy every single Thomas the Tank Engine book," researcher Jessica Horst said at the recent Brighton Science Festival. "Reading the same books over and over again helps."

Books are some of the best used kids' toys parents can buy. For instance, reading to kids before bed can not only foster better language skills but can also build strong bonds between parent and child, The Guardian reports.

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