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Explore nature with the family this spring

Spring is just around the corner, and for parents of young children, it likely can't come soon enough. Their little ones have spent the entire winter cooped up inside, which can be a struggle for both parent and child. However, the arrival of warmer weather means there are many new outdoor activities families can try out. 

Perhaps most importantly, the melting snow and rising temperatures mean that physical activity comes a bit more easily. For instance, family bike rides have long been a tradition, and for youngsters who may still be new to their two-wheeled life, getting back on the bike after a few months being unable to ride is a long time coming. Not only that, but exercising as family can be good for everyone's health.

Of course, biking is just one of the many opportunities for springtime family activity. The warmer weather opens up the possibility for day trips to one of the country's many national parks. There are 59 national parks throughout the United States, so chances are one or two are relatively close by. Not only will it help get everyone out the house,  but the activity some of the most beautiful areas the country has to offer. 

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