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Angel B from Baton Rouge, La

There is a huge selection of gently used clothing for your growing child for a reasonable price.

Joe from California

Love this store! Great selection, awesome prices!!

Vilma from Edmonton Alberta

I started shopping at Once Upon A Child 7 years ago before my first child was born. And now we continue shopping there with my 4 month old boy. I'm glad there's a store like this because 2 kids can be very expensive!

Courtney from Tennessee

We love Once Upon A Child! We buy and sell from there all the time. Its nice to be able to find decent clothes for decent prices that's hard to find nowadays! Thank you for all you guys do to help out others. We appreciate it so much!!!

Emma from Florida

OMG you guys have the most ADORABLE stuff! plus I have been adding the Hasbro owned toy "littlest pet shop" to my 30+ collection! there has been a few I have not gotten yet and walking in to the "once upon a child" was like...MAGIC thank you guys! I'll be sure to come back! ~Emma

Liz from Michigan

I love once upon I child. I can't have a conversation about kids clothes without bringing you guys up. Whatever my kids need, you always seem to have it. I make a summer clothes trip and a winter clothes trip and get both my kids their whole wardrobe in one spot... for about a tenth of the price I'd pay anywhere else. Thank you for existing!!!!!!!!!!

Ayden from California

Once Upon a Child always keeps my baby in the trendiest styles

Kimber from LA

I find the best clothing every time we visit Once upon a child. We bought this dress for $1.50.

Lauren from Ohio

Hello, Recently we made a trip down to Florida for vacation and were in need of some extra cute clothing due to a baggage claim mix up! We walked into the nearest Once Upon a Child and did not leave disappointed! Thanks for the great finds! -Lauren & Addison

Jessica from VA

I swing by all the time & bring in my sons things that he may not use or have out grown. i love being able to sell & buy in the same spot

Megan from Maryland

I am a mom of 5.... So when we can't do hand me downs we sell..... I've been once so far..... I'm addicted!!!! Even got my girls new tanks $2.50 for gap!!!!! I'm loving it!!!!!!!

Knox from Missouri

I have been shopping at this store since my son was born. It was great to find items that I needed at such a fair price. I quickly began reselling old clothes to buy new ones. This is a great way to same money and still wear nice clothes on your children. Thanks!!!

Linette D from Massachusetts

As a single mother of three I am on a budget but this store is one place where I dont have to worry about breaking the bank everytime I go in. I do my shopping by seasons and always walk out of there with enough clothes for all three of them. Wish there was one closer to me but its worth the drive for me. Staff is great even when the kids are playing by the toy section as I browse the isles. Love the store and the staff.

Deivanai from Enfield,CT

Hai all, We r Indians, We relocated here before 5 months, My kid is 6 yrs, i used to buy lot of books from this store. Great store for great books at one dollar, It make my kid reading habit more joyful and interesting, Thank You.

Albanie from Florida

Ever since i had my daughter I've loved this store i bought everything i needed to complete my baby's room before she came and didnt have to spend so much money and everything was in great condition and well mantained, as of this day i get alot of cute pieces from here and the prices are the best thing. Thanks

Bonita from Tampa, FL

My kids and I recently visited the Tampa location on Kennedy Blvd. I was impressed with the customer service friendly staff and the quality of the items in the store. My kids had the opportunity to take pictures with the Easter bunny and it truly made their day! I want to thank the staff for making this visit and unforgettable experience for us. My three old cant wait to go back and see the Easter Bunny again! Kudos ladies....

Mary from WI

I would like to thank Brookfield, WI staff and management for an excellent job. I love once upon a child! The customer service and professionalism is above and beyond. Thank you once upon a child. I sold clothes to your business and put money in my pocket. And speaking from a military family, Thank you for taking care of the American people.

AUBREY from texas

I went in to this store for the very first time and was impressed from all the selections I had to choose from. I am so glad I found it and will be doing my shopping there for my daughter from now on.

cjo from tennessee

I love to shop here. I buy the clothes here and to help my sister out and because she is disabled. And she has two boys. And you have great ideas for Christmas time

Lauren from Indiana

I love love love this store! Great prices for almost new stuff. I love to buy,sell,repeat ;)

Mary from Minnesota

Liberty Autumn is my fifth child. She is an adorable little grower. She was such a little lady when she was born by the time my daughter was 6 months she was wearing 12 month clothing. Clothing is super expensive every month we needed and bigger and cuter outfits. We start our search for bigger clothes at Once upon a Child. The staff helps me every month find Miss Libby's size with ease and we buy the whole section most of the time. I also have a son who is 3. He is an amazing little boy. I always find the jeans with the built in little belts and the cutest shorts outfits. I am also the proud grandparent of twin 4 year old. This store is awesome for all of the ages of my children. I love our store in Maplewood.


I was recently told about this place by my friend and decided to go check this place. I am expecting my daughter in July 2014 and I absolutely loved this shop. It's amazing cheap as it's a second hand store. And majority of the baby clothes are in excellent condition, as good as new. The toys are all in working condition. I think this is a great store as babies out grow their clothes in a few months and once my daughter outgrows.. I will definitely return back for the next set of clothes. Kudos to the store.

Sharon from KY

I have saved tons of money while shopping at Once Upon A Child. I love the dollar sales. I could not be happier with this store.

tiffany from spokane WA

When I found out I was pregnant I was a bit worried if I would be able to afford all of the things my daughter needed being a single parent. Then my sister brought me into once upon a child and I was so excited that I could get such great stuff at a reasonable price! Within the first 4 time I went into the store I had all the clothes I needed up until 6 months! I also found a great stroller there! Now I go in about once a week! I just can't resist the great deals!